About Us

You’ve driving behind a car with this sticker, right?

You look at it and think, “South Carolina. Beaches. Antebellum mansions. Vacation.”

Continuing the image association game, what icon comes to mind when you hear the word “Louisville?” Inevitably, it’s the fleur de lis.

We hate to break it to you, Louisville, but the fleur de lis isn’t really ours. That’s right, we borrowed it from the French, and so have several other cities. (New Orleans, Detroit, and St. Louis to name a few.) Brand Louisville’s mission is to promote a symbol of our city that’s uniquely ours.

That’s where this comes in:

It’s the pre-merger Louisville city flag, and we, at Brand Louisville are trying to bring it back by promoting it through stickers, t-shirts, and lobbying any government officials who will listen.

The North American Vexillological Association (NAVA) – yes, they’re a flag appreciation society – named it one of the top 10 city flags in its most recent survey. The Louisville city flag is even featured on the cover of NAVA’s landmark book, American City Flags.

The stickers aren’t quite as ubiquitous as those Ear-X-Tacy ones yet, but give it time. Want to help “brand Louisville?” We sell stickers and t-shirts at local stores, events, and of course, here on our site.